How To Play Fantasy Golf

Football, baseball, hockey and basketball are usually the first sports that come to mind when thinking of daily fantasy games. One sport that you probably won’t think of is golf. This is mainly because it’s not a team sport, which makes its format slightly misaligned with the usual structure that daily fantasy sports are based on i.e picking a team and watching it perform on the field. Secondly, since not many people prefer to play daily fantasy golf, it is not surrounded by much hype. However, this is hopefully likely to change in the near future.

This beginner’s guide will show you the fundamentals of playing daily fantasy golf at the biggest website that currently offers fantasy golf contests,

The Basics

As opposed to other sports where you have to draft a co-ordinated team, with golf you simply have to pick a squad of players and you gain points depending on the performance of each golfer. Just like the other sports, you are given a salary cap within which to select the best players you possibly can. In order to lend wisdom to your selection of golfers, here are a few aspects to understand with regards to how your players score points for you.

You should keep in mind the subtle changes in these rules depending on the website you are playing at, but by and large these general rules apply to all websites.

  • You have to draft a total of six golfers within your given budget (salary cap)
  • Your players gain points per hole (birdie, eagles, etc)
  • They also lose points per hole (bogey, triple bogey, etc)
  • They win points for the number they at finish at in a tournament
  • You need to score as many points as possible with your players
  • Games usually start on Thursday morning and end on Sunday

The fact of the matter is that you can win some real money here and with the exception of a few states, it is absolutely legit in terms of legality in the USA. Of the three biggest websites that host fantasy sport contests, two currently offer golf tournaments. The best part is that you can play according to your pocket. You can risk as little as one dollar or as much as hundreds of dollars per game

Considering the relatively recent addition of golf to the daily fantasy sports scene, you probably haven’t played it before. Here are a few guidelines to help you get started:

You should know that your ultimate goal is to put together a talented squad of players that can score you many points. Luckily, the whole experience feels very much like playing in other daily leagues so you won’t have much trouble if you have played other daily fantasy sports before.

The good news for passionate golf fans is that 2/3 of the biggest fantasy sports sites host daily fantasy PGA contests that are aligned with all of the major tourneys played throughout the season. If you’re an avid fan, you can dominate contests by picking star players, based your experience and knowledge of the game. What’s more is that you can win some incredible cash prizes along the way. I mean what could be better than watching your favorite golf tournaments and earning some quick money at the same time?

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Daily Fantasy Golf Contests

Fantasy golf is better than other fantasy sports in some aspects. For instance, you don’t need to know about the strength of so many players for each position; rather you can just select the players who you know perform well overall.

The thing with golf is that you don’t have to fuss about who’s the best point guard, pitcher, or striker. You don’t need to have detailed knowledge about different positions. Instead, all you have to do is concentrate on how particular golfers do on different courses and see where they rank on the PGA Tour.

How to Enter a Daily Fantasy Golf Contest

Unlike DraftKings, which recently started offering daily fantasy golf contests, FanDuel has yet to follow suit. Hence, it makes sense to talk about what it’s like to play on the Draft Kings website.

If you’re familiar with this website, you are probably aware of how the lobby is displayed and how the competitions are organized. If you want to see only PGA contests shown in the main lobby then you need to click on the drop-down Sport menu and choose the tab labeled ‘ PGA.’ Filter the list by selecting the ‘Entry Fee’ heading in one of the columns displayed. This will enable you to pick a contest that is suitable for your pocket.


The guaranteed events are a good place to start since many of them have super low entry fees (as low as $1 ) and they give you a chance of winning a chunk from a large prize pool. For example, I can currently see a PGA Mini Chip Shot tournament with a mere $2 entry fee and a $3K prize pool. Sounds like a good contest doesn’t it? And although this contest allows 1725 participants, playing against a lot of competition is part of the fun.

If you want more information about a certain contest, just click on it in the lobby and a pop up box will show up. This box will display details about the payout schedule and the nick names of the people who have entered the contest so far. Once you are satisfied with everything, you can click on the bright orange ‘draft team’ tab that will lead you to another page. Here is where you can start drafting golfers for your squad.

Here is a quick overview of what you would expect to find if you signed up for DraftKings Daily Fantasy Golf program:

Drafting Your Players
In order to make the best picks, you will need to know how exactly it is that golfers score points. On the ‘draft team’ page, you can look up the statistics for any golfer you want by clicking on his name. Once you have seen a particular player’s numbers and have decided to add him to your squad, click on the green ‘+’ sign which you will see is located on the right side of his salary. He will automatically be added to your roster.

As you keep adding players to your roster you will notice that the total salary cap (this is displayed right above the roster) will start declining by the amount each additional player is worth. Since the goal is to complete your lineup without running out of cash, you should keep in mind that the high salaries of players like Tiger Woods and Roy Mcllroy will need to be compensated by undervalued players.

Once your lineup is completed, you can proceed to click the ‘Enter Now’ button. Gigantic green letters saying ‘YOU’RE IN’ will welcome you into the contest. Now all you have to do is wait for your chosen tournaments to start. You can only make changes to your lineup until the game starts. Once the match is underway, all you have to do is sit back and watch your golfers win points for you. The leader board on DraftKings gets updated in real time so you can keep monitoring your performance live or you can even log in after the game to see how many points you scored.DKfantasygolf

Up until recently, playing daily fantasy golf wasn’t nearly as exciting as it is today. This is because since the same players dominated year after year, there was no fun in guessing which golfers would do well. It would always be the likes of Tiger Woods who would be likely to win you points. If you lacked the foresight to draft Woods, you would most likely fall badly in the rankings. However, things are not the same today. We now see a lot of youngsters on the PGA Tour rising in the rankings. It’s not just about Roy Mcllroy or Bubba Watson these days. A lot of people are keeping an eye out for players like Graham Delaet and Ben Martin as well. And undoubtedly, this is what makes daily fantasy golf thrilling. It’s alot more exciting the outcome of a particular tournament unpredictable. See our Masters 2015 Player Guide

Some Final Words

One of the best things about playing in daily fantasy golf contests is that you’re not stuck with a losing squad for more than a day. If your golfers aren’t performing well, you at least know that you can get rid of them in a day and start fresh with a completely new lineup. Gone are the frustrating days when you would have to live with the same losing roster for an entire season.

Just like the actual sport itself, the fantasy version of golf may not seem as exhilarating as fantasy baseball or football. The fact though, is that it gives you the same chance to make some real cash while bearing minimum risk.