Playing Fantasy NASCAR is really a lot of fun. All you have to do is draft a few racers and you score points on how well they did on the race. The only problem is that because of the way NASCAR operates, the daily fantasy contests that have become so popular, might not be completely legal when it comes to this sport.


In order for a daily fantasy contest to earn legal status for offering real money prizes, there needs to be more than one sporting event going on for that sport. This is the same reason why you won’t find many websites offering fantasy contests for the super bowl. Therefore, the sports that are the most popular when it comes to daily fantasy contests are football, baseball and NBA with football getting most of the action.


The funny thing is that fantasy auto racing is actually considered more popular than fantasy basketball, as reported by the FSTA. Despite this, none of the top fantasy sport websites offer daily NASCAR competitions. However, considering the huge demand, it won’t be long before these websites realize its potential and start offering daily contests. They would be unfortunate not to since tons of people are willing to put up big bucks for a chance to win cash prizes in the fantasy auto racing arena.


Although daily fantasy NASCAR is still in its development stages, now would be an opportune time to get up to par with how to play. If you are familiar with the daily contests in football, baseball and others at DraftKings and FanDuel, you will know what to expect when NASCAR finally arrives in the daily fantasy scene. And if you haven’t played a contest at any website as of yet, there is nothing to worry about. We will explain everything to you below.

A Prelude to Daily Fantasy NASCAR:

First of all, you need to be aware that whatever is mentioned in this guide is based on assumptions about how daily fantasy NASCAR would PROBABLY work should the big websites introduce it. These assumptions are based on the current format and organization of daily fantasy contests which are employed by DraftKings and FanDuel. While these assumptions might turn out to be inaccurate, it is highly unlikely that and will change the entire process for NASCAR. The basic rules pertaining to selecting a contest, picking a team and watching the players perform are after all, the same for all sports.

Throughout this guide, references will be made to DraftKings with examples from basketball or hockey being used to describe a particular feature. You should know that for the purpose of this guide, the nature of the sport itself is immaterial and that the focus is on the general concept that all daily fantasy sports are based on.

How To Find Daily Fantasy NASCAR Contests


You need to be familiar with two basic things at the DraftKings website: sifting through the various contests and looking for specific details pertaining to them.

While I explain how to do both these things you should refer to the website to make the process easier to follow. First, you have to go to the Lobby on the main page. Here you will see a drop-down Sports menu listing all the sports available as well as some tabs, located above the list of contests. Clicking on the Sports menu will display all the current sports available e.g NBA, PGA AND NFL. Once NASCAR is introduced, you will find it listed here as well.

Next, let’s discuss the tabs. They’re the ones labeled ALL, GUARANTEED, , HEAD-TO-HEAD, 50/50, MULTIPLIERS, etc.. These labels refer to the type of tournament you want the list of contests to display. For instance, if you just wish to see a list of NASCAR contests that have a guaranteed prize pool, you will select NASCAR from the sports menu and choose the GUARANTEED option by clicking on the associated tab.

Now, look at the tab with the name ‘ADVANCED FILTER.’ You will be able to locate it a few inches next to the Sports Menu. Once you click on it, you will see a bunch of filters that allow you to sort through the different contests based on their size, entry fee and start time. Although you don’t have to use this feature it might prove to be useful if DK decides to create lots of daily fantasy NASCAR leagues.

The last feature for sorting the contests is the list of column headers that can be found directly under the big tabs we just discussed. They’re labeled SPORT, ENTRIES, ENTRY FEE, PRIZE POOL, etc. If you click on one of these headings, the list of contests will be sorted according to the value you have selected from that particular column. For instance, if you want the contests to be sorted by the amount of entry fee payable, then you should click on ENTRY FEE. Once NASCAR becomes available, you might want to enter the contests with the lowest entry fees and now you know how you can do that.

How To Play Daily Fantasy NASCAR For Real Cash

After sorting the list of contests according to your preferences, you will probably have a certain idea about which competition you want to participate in. It might have a low entry fee and a high prize pool. However, you might still want more information before deciding to join it for sure.
To get more details you can click on a particular contest in the lobby. Once you click on that, a box will show up, displaying a huge amount of data. This data will show you figures pertaining to the total number of participants who have entered the contest, the entry fee and how many frequent player points you can earn if you join. Across the top, you’ll see the number of people who have joined the contest as well as the total number of entrants allowed to join. You’ll also see the entry fee, the total prize pool, and the number of Frequent Player Points (FPPs) you’ll earn if you join.

The data also shows the payout schedule and details about people who have entered the contest so far. This is where you might find some of your fellow DK friends.

How To Enter A Contest


Now that you have all the information about the contest you want to enter, you can go back and find it in the lobby. Once you have found it, click on the ‘ENTER’ button on its right side. There’s no need to panic just yet as this won’t immediately enter you into the contest. There are a few more steps to follow.

Clicking on the ‘Enter’ button will take you to a new page where you will pick your players or in NASCAR’s case, your drivers. It will be helpful to stop for a moment and have a look at the information you will find here.

I am looking at a basketball contest right now. Below the title, is a list of all the games that the available players are playing in during that particular day. For NASCAR, DraftKings will most probably show a list of the races that the available racers will be participating in.

Under the games, I can see a list of basketball players. This list can be sorted according to the positions they play in e.g center or point guard. How DraftKings will let you filter NASCAR drivers remains to be seen. They might do it by allowing you to sort them by virtue of: the make of their car, the race track, the owner of the race team or any other criteria.

Here you will notice that you can click the name of each player on the list. Upon clicking on one of them you will see a similar box like the one seen earlier, displaying a lot of useful statistics like the player’s recent performances. DraftKings will most likely display similar information for NASCAR drivers.

Once we’ve seen the player stats we can go back to the draft team page. Remember that each player has a salary associated with him and when NASCAR is added to DraftKings, each driver will also be accompanied by a salary. It will be important to know how much each driver is worth because you have a limited budget.

To draft a driver, you will have to click on the green + sign next to his name. Once you do this the driver will be added to your roster, which will be updated on the page’s right side. Your total salary, which will be displayed on top of your roster, will keep decreasing by the amount of the driver’s salary, each time you make an addition.

Once you have built your lineup, you will click the “SUBMIT” button.Then, you will click the “ENTER NOW” button to officially join the contest.

Congratulations! You’re finally in.

Where Can You Join Daily Fantasy NASCAR Leagues?

As has been mentioned earlier, none of the big websites host daily fantasy NASCAR contests yet. The biggest and most popular ones, like DraftKings, will probably introduce them soon, provided the legality issues are resolved. Until then, it would be wise to update yourself with all the relevant information. Read up on the drivers and find out which tracks they perform well on. Furthermore, see where they are currently ranked as well as where they have ranked in the recent past.

When auto racing is finally introduced (hopefully) to the world of daily fantasy sports, you will be ready to pick a successful team of the best drivers out there.