Daily Fantasy Baseball Scoring Guide – Comparison

The thing with fantasy baseball scoring is that it differs significantly from website to website. The number of points assigned to each play is different on different websites but there are other differences apart from this that are important to know. This is so you can capitalize on these and devise different strategies to win on different platforms. Here we will look at how the top three fantasy sport websites score the two most important positions-batters and pitchers.

Scoring System for Batters and Pitchers on FanDuel:

Hosting the most number of contests, FanDuel is by far the dominating force in the daily fantasy sport arena. During the MLB season you will find thousands of contests available for you to choose from. This is the following scoring system for batters and pitchers:


  • Single = 1
  • Double = 2
  • Triple = 3
  • Home Run = 4
  • Run Batted In = 1
  • Run Scored = 1
  • Base On Balls = 1
  • Stolen Base = 2
  • Hit By Pitch = 1
  • Out = -0.25


  • Win = 4
  • Earned Run = -1
  • Strikeout = 1
  • Inning Pitched = 1

Scoring System for Pitchers and Batters on DraftKings:

DraftKings is a large force in the fantasy baseball world, just like FanDuel. Many people like DraftKings better because it offers a larger sign up bonus. This is how batters and pitchers score points on DraftKings:


  • Win = 4
  • Earned Run = -2
  • Strikeout = 2
  • Inning Pitched = 2.25
  • Hit Against = -0.60
  • Base On Balls Against = -0.60
  • Hit Batter = -0.60
  • Complete Game = 2.50
  • Complete Game Shut Out = 2.50
  • No Hitter = 5


  • Single = 3
  • Double = 5
  • Triple = 8
  • Home Run = 10
  • Run Batted In = 2
  • Run Scored = 2
  • Base On Balls = 2
  • Stolen Base = 5
  • Caught Stealing = -2

Scoring System for Pitchers and Batters on Victiv

Victiv follows a different format than the two websites discussed earlier. Here, you get to pick a whole squad of pitchers instead of just one pitcher. Here is the way they earn points for you:


Innings Pitched = 2.25
Strikeout = 0.40
Earned Runs = -2
Hit or hit equivalent = -0.25
Shutout = 1
No Hitter = 2
Complete Game = 2
Perfect Game = 5


For batters you get to pick 4 infielders by drafting any combination of 1st base, second base, 3rd base, Short Stop and Catcher. You also get to pick 3 infielders from a combination of Left Fielder, Center Fielder, and Right Fielder. However, you can only pick four batters from one team. You can even draft a pinch hitter from the remaining infielders and outfielders. A pinch hitter does not add to your score unless he scores more than any other batter in your roster.

This is how the scoring is done:

  • Single = 1.25
  • Double = 2
  • Triple = 3
  • Home Run = 5
  • Run Batted In = 1
  • Run Scored = 1
  • Base On Balls = 1.25
  • Stolen Base = 1
  • Caught Stealing = -1
  • Hit By Pitch = 1.25
  • Strikeout = 0

How much is a point worth?

I am sure you now know the basic differences between the baseball scoring systems on the three biggest websites. FanDuel, for instance, gives you 4 points when your pitcher earns you a win whereas Victivs gives you no points. On DraftKings you will be awarded eight points for a triple scored by a batter while at FanDuel you will only get 3 points for the same achievement. However, this difference is not consistent across the board with different achievements being associated with different points. This is why it is important to look at each website’s scoring systems separately. Here is the scoring system for a strikeout on each of the three sites.

Number of Points Awarded For a Strikeout

  • FanDuel strikeout = 1
  • DraftKings strikeout = 2
  • Victiv strikeout = 1

Points for Innings Pitched:

  • FanDuel Inning Pitched = 1
  • DraftKings Inning Pitched = 2.25
  • Victiv Inning Pitched – 2.25

You can earn more than double the points on DraftKings as compared to FanDuel. This means that if you pick a pitcher with a really good arm and he plays more innings than a similarly skilful pitcher, you would be ahead at DraftKings.

The differences in the scoring systems can also be seen by the fact that some of the plays listed in the Victiv scoring system are missing from the FD and DK scoring systems. If you think about the implications of these from a drafting strategy viewpoint you will be able to see a lot. Let’s say you pick some sluggers who tend to hit at everything that comes to them. Since they have a higher probability of striking out, those strike outs will lower your score at DraftStreet. But they wouldn’t have a direct effect on your score at FanDuel and DraftKings.Suppose you draft a few sluggers who have a habit of swinging at everything that’s thrown to them..

Analyzing the scoring system for pitchers

To better decide how much money to spend on which pitchers we will look at how many points are awarded for a particular play and show it as a percentage of the total points awarded to you if your pitcher wins.

At FanDuel, your pitcher gets 4 points for a win. This means you get 1 point, which is 25% of 4, for each strikeout and 1 point for each inning pitched.

At DraftKings, you’ll earn the same 4 points for a win. However, each strikeout will give you 2 points, which is 50% of 4. And each inning pitched will give you 2.25 points, which is 56% of 4.

At Victiv, your pitcher does not get any points for a win. However, you do earn points for a strikeout.

From these figures, we can clearly see that drafting a pitcher with a good strikeout percentage is relatively more important at DraftKings and Victiv.

You can analyze other plays in the same way. Calculate the percentage of the points gained or lost for a play in relation to the total number of points awarded for a win. The figure you arrive at will show how weighty that particular play is at a given website.

Analyzing the scoring system for Batters

The same strategy as above can be applied to the selection process for batters. For example, you can take each play and calculate the points associated with it as a percentage of the points earned for something else such as a home run. Let’s look at an example to explain this concept better. We can compare points earned for base hits at DK and Victiv as a percentage of the points earned for a home run. The percentages below show the “weights” for singles, doubles, and triples in relation to a home run.

FanDuel Batter Scoring

  • Single = 1 (25%)
  • Double = 2 (50%)
  • Triple = 3 (75%)
  • HR = 4

DraftKings Batter Scoring

  • Single = 3 (33%)
  • Double = 5 (50%)
  • Triple = 8 (80%)
  • Home Run = 10

Victivt Hitter Scoring

  • Single = 1.25 (25%)
  • Double = 2 (40%)
  • Triple = 3 (60%)
  • Home Run = 5

Although all these fancy calculations might seem intimidating, you needn’t feel overwhelmed. The math behind it is very simple and I can assure you will arrive at the numbers you need within minutes. Learning to identify and take advantage of the different scoring systems of different websites will give your team a much needed edge.