DRAFTKINGS vs FANDUEL Comparison for Fantasy Football Pay Leagues


Ever since DraftKings acquired DraftStreet that leaves only two major sites in the one week daily Fantasy Football market.  So we decided to do a head to head type of review comparing both sites to help you decide which pay league would be best for you. Perhaps you will decide that having an account at both is ideal, but keep in mind the gameplay is somewhat different but the payouts are still killer either way you go.

Bonus Offers for New Players Signing Up

  • FANDUEL offers a bonus of $200 on 100% sign-up along with a promo code REVIEWSTER.
  • DRAFTKINGS offers a bonus of $600 on 100% sign-up along with a promo code REVIEWSTER.
  • New depositors get to enjoy free entries on both sites.
  • The Headquarters of FanDuel currently resides in New York.
  • The Headquarters of DraftKing currently resides in Boston.

 Real Money To Be Made At Either Site

A closer comparison of the two One Week Fantasy Football sites

  • Both FanDual and DratKings offer salary cap leagues.
  • FanDuel offers a weekly $1 league with $10k prize for the least expensive entry.
  • A weekly league is played by DraftKings known as the QUARTER ARCADE, offers a prize pool of $1k.
  • FanDuel having more than 1k players brings you a weekly of $1, $2, $5, $10 and $50 large player leagues
  • DraftKing entertains a weekly of $0.25, $1, $2, $3, $5, $10, $12, $20, $27, $50, $100, and $200 large player leagues.

Both sites feature multiple number of games including H2H, small team leagues, double and triple ups and other cash game style leagues. FanDuel and DraftKings produce big chunks of money, a life-altering sum is rolled out every week along with a guarantee $1,000,000, each week. An entry costing $200 will buy your way into FanDuel and DraftKings.

DraftKing-Free Football League and Cash Prizes

  • DraftKing features a prize pool of $1000 with a weekly free league. You can get in the opening week and enjoy more that 5 free-roll games each week. So you can get in on the action without ponying up and cash.
  • At the moment, Fanduel does not offer such free leagues

Playing Fantasy Football at Draftking Vs FanDuel                                 

Line-Up                  (DraftKing)               QB, RB, RB, WR, WR, WR, TE, FLEX, DST

Line-up (FanDuel)                 QB, RB, RB, WR, WR, WRTE, K, D

Prompt comparison

Being the top rated one-week fantasy football sites, FanDuel and KingDraft can be differentiated on few but major colliding points. The very first is that KingDraft is a truer PPR (points per reception), a platform where you can get 1 point per reception. On the other hand, FanDuel is a semi-PPR league offering .5 points per reception. Being compared to FanDuel DraftKing will bring you higher value from RB’S.

FanDuel has a KICKER position while DraftKing does not use a kicker. The new change has been made for this season by DraftKing as last year they did have a Kicker. Instead, it now has a FLEX position, FLEX being an RB, WR or TE.

A characteristic of DraftKing is that it offers late players swap that majorly differentiates it from others. In the late players swap, you get to swap out a player for any other as long as their respective games are not yet on the roll. It means that if you have a WR playing on a Tuesday night football and somehow they come down with a cold or any other reason, Tuesday morning the player can be swapped out if you like, but on FanDuel as soon as the game starts the teams are locked.

Improvising Your Team Or Creating Line-Ups

Now that you have come to terms with the basics, it is time to create your team. All the available games can be seen cataloged in the lobby on both sites. For more information about a player, all you have to do is click and build a line up easily.

Both sites provide you with the particulars on each player. You can find out the following information from within the lobby.

  • FanDuel lists FPPG (Fantasy point per game), games played, games match up, the salary and an ADD button.
  • DraftKings lets you view the same things, but they also list OPPRK which shows Opponent Rank vs Position.
  • More detailed statistics is provided for each player when you select the name of the desired player, which lists out all the recent information, game log, and a summary too.
  • An easy add-up to your team is offered by both sites.
  • You can add the same line ups to other leagues as well.
  • DraftKing lets you build your team first easily and allows you to enter your line-up into multiple leagues.

Time To Cheer Your Team

As soon as your line-ups are ready and the game starts, it is time for you to sit and watch them compete.

Current and live updates are shown by DraftKing with points flashing up on each of your players, whenever the scores are updated. You get to watch your team rise and fall on the leader boards.

At DraftKing contest feature’s tab allows you to get a quick overview of how your team is doing. You can keep a check on how much you are winning, how long your player have, your opponent party’s points and the time they’re left with. More, you get to see the top prize for each of the leagues you’re hooked with. FanDuel does not feature the characteristic of viewing the highest gains right now.

At DraftKing, you have a lineup’s tab where you can see your own lineup and a comparison can be done. From here you can view which game they are in and get more details by clicking through.

Winning Money – How Payouts Are Handled

Both sites are the true leaders of legit, honest and trustworthy fantasy sports, since the very beginning. All the major sports organizations have now warmed up to the idea of one-week leagues.

Both sites work on the basics of win and get paid. Payouts through PayPal, Bank wire, check payouts are fast and easy. Each week $1 million + up is there at both sides. You get paid, after the tournaments are completed and the results are compiled. After the finalization, the cash is deposited in your account which can be withdrawn easily.

Finally, we hope this DraftKings vs. Fandual site comparison was useful. If you think there is something missing that you want us to add please contact us.

To be honest DraftKing is a more entertaining and enjoyable. It is an epic try out and if you haven’t tried this style you got to do it. It is a fact that FanDuel is the higher rage among the two leading sites, but it is also true that DraftKing has gained a major market share after purchasing DraftStreet.

Seriously, Right now is an excellent time to roll yourself in as both the sites are oozing with huge promotions and big money and they are completely legal. You can use credit cards for deposits. Enter now!


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