Is DraftKings Legal?

It’s a question that is on a lot of people’s minds. Is DraftKings truly a legal way to make money? Do you win real cash and if so do they actually pay you? How do you know you’re playing against humans and not robots? And lastly, do they follow the rules and regulations associated with online betting while at the same time offering real money fantasy sport contests that are legal? This write up aims to answer all these questions and give you peace of mind by assuring you that DraftKings is indeed legit. For a total look at what these guys have to offer, see our Full Review of DraftKings

With respect to size, DraftKings is the second largest weekly and daily fantasy sport website that offers real money prizes for contests that last a day or a weekend and in the case of weekly contests, a week. It is absolutely legit in that many people who have played there have successfully cashed out their winnings.

Legalities Of Daily Fantasy Sports

Yes, it is very much legal because normal laws that govern online gambling do not apply to fantasy sports. Individual states have the jurisdiction of allowing them to take place so unless a state has particular laws banning real money fantasy football, baseball, basketball etc then it is very much legal to play them. To our knowledge, only a few states have strict laws associated with online real money fantasy sports.

Is DraftKings A Reputable Company?

Yes. This is because the owners of DraftKings are respectable and reputed people who offer a fair and honest experience on their website. You win or lose depending on your skills so if you’re an unskilled player or one who lacks experience then you most probably will lose. Furthermore, DraftKings has no vested interest in whether you win or lose since they make their money by selling out all the contests they offer. The more players play, the greater the rake so their transparent business model ensures fairness. They simply have nothing to gain if you lose so they can’t rig the games.

Winning Cash

People wonder if you can really win as much as $100,000 just by playing on DraftKings? It sounds too good to be true but it happens. You can really get as much as a hundred thousand dollars if you win one of the weekly contests that have Guaranteed Prize Pools.

How to Start

It’s a piece of cake to start playing daily fantasy sports. Simply follow these steps:

  • Create your account at
  • Deposit money into your account. You can deposit any amount between $10 and $600
  • Look through the available contests and pick one that you like. You can start by entering a contest that has a low entry fee.
  • Draft your team
  • Watch the leaderboard get updated in real time once the game gets underway on the field
  • Cash your prizes once the game is over (assuming you win of course!)