Fantasy sports played over the internet, fulfill the ‘fantasy’ of sports fans to have a say in picking which players will play in a particular game. Taking on the role of the team manager, participants get to pick their teams and earn points based on how well their players performed in the actual game. There are two types of fantasy sports; daily style and regular. The main difference between them is the length of the contests. Generally, baseball and basketball last for a day whilst NFL football goes on for two to three days. Players are chosen based on their salary cap and performance.

Money is greatly involved in this. The games are completed within one day and players are paid on that same day; they therefore don’t have to wait for the completion of an entire season to get paid. Points are earned on the basis of performance, the better the players play the higher their position on the leader board.

You can play in a daily fantasy league by following three simple steps. Firstly, you make an account and register yourself on one of the many websites that design these contests. These sites are also responsible for making the payments. You have to deposit an initial amount and then you can immediately start playing. Two of the best websites are FanDuel and DraftKings. After making an account, you have to choose from numerous contests that are listed and once you have selected the tournament you want to take part in you are ready to make your draft picks. The last part involves actually competing but you don’t really have to compete so to speak as everything is automatic. The website updates the leader boards in real time and you get to see how your team is performing as it rises and falls in the ranking. There are many websites that host tournaments for different types of sports; football, golf, hockey, baseball, basketball and MMA are just some of the sports you can opt for.

Creating your own team is very straightforward and simple. As soon as you join a contest, you will be asked to build a team. You will be given a variety of options to choose from and also their various prices. You can click on the add/draft button to make them part of your team; or to know more about a player you have to simply click on their names. Build your team completely within a given amount of money. You can also easily make changes to your team by adding or removing team members until you have made your best lineup. On completion save your lineup and submit it. Now that your team is set, you are in the game. It is permitted to make more changes until the fantasy tournament locks down. The lockdown time depends on which game and on which website you have visited. For example, on Draft kings, you can make changes until the time when the player’s game has begun. On the other hand, on Fan Duel, the team’s lockdown occurs at the time when the first days games commence. On the West Coast, even the pitcher plays the late game. On the East Coast the team is locked as soon as your first game of the days starts.

You are now part of the game and now in daily fantasy sports. Rest assured it is legal and if you play at the recommended sites given by us it is legit. To add on to different sports, there are a number of contests you can join. They include: large tournaments, double up games, triple/quadruple /quintuple ups, Sit-N-Go’s, head to heads and beginners only. Recently joined players are strongly advised to start slow and play at the large tournaments first. If you consider head to head matches to be easier to win, you are most likely incorrect. Very strong players take part in the head to head matches by simply entering their same lineup in a number of contests. They usually and create a couple of lineups and submit their lineups against as much different competition as possible. One method of doing this is by challenging and /or accepting head to head games. My advice- begin with a single entry, and low buy-in matches to start out.

The process of creating a team is simple. A list of players and their price tag is available; teams can be drafted by adding players. Once satisfied, the lineup is submitted and the team is set. Teams can be edited until the tournament locks, which is different for every game. Fantasy games are legal and it is a guarantee that if you win, you will get paid. There’s a great variety of sports and contests one can enter. It is best for beginners to start out small and play in the larger field tournaments before getting into head to head competitions.

The best place to start looking from is the list of websites for the top 10 daily fantasy sports, which directs you to links of reviews of the leading places to play. It includes promos and news articles which give you a feel of the latest trends and offers available. Not only that, it also provides strategic tips and ideas to help enhance your game and put you one step ahead of your opponents.