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In the landscape of large, medium and small fantasy sport websites, DraftDay can be considered a medium site but a leading one at that. It is not as big as the two largest websites out there i.e FanDuel and DraftKings, but it is larger than many of the others. DraftDay was developed by the creative team that founded the popular poker website, CardRunners but was later acquired by FanThrowDown in 2014. Here are some basic details about DraftDay:

  • Name of official website:www.DraftDay.com
  • 100% sign up bonus upto $200 of deposit money
  • Promotional Code to earn bonus: REVIEWSTER
  • Contact: support@draftday.com

How it Works

DraftDay works in a similar fashion to other fantasy sport websites. Basically, all you have to do to start playing is:

  • Make an account by registering yourself and depositing money. Deposit $200 to maximize your entry bonus. Don’t forget to use the promo code ‘freak’ when creating your account to avail this bonus.
  • Look for and pick a contest (currently baseball, basketball, football and golf are offered among others)
  • Draft a squad of players
  • Get more points than your competition and win real cash

Types of Fantasy Games & Sports Offered

One of the most unique features of this website is that it offers distinct types of games that other sites do not offer. These include:

Live Draft – These contests are similar to a typical draft where each player takes turns picking. Following the format of a poker sit-n-go, they begin as soon as adequate players join. Currently these are available with one on one matches and teams with upto 6 players.

Pick ‘Em – These games are quick and enjoyable. You simply have to pick one player from a list of players until you fill up your roster. You aren’t bound by a salary cap either.

Rapid Fire – Just like the name suggests, these games are incredibly fast paced. You have to pick one player from an option of two players based on who you think will score more points. If three out of five picks are correct, you win.

Bracket Style – These contests consist of one on one match ups that go on for 3-4 days. You play against one contender and the winner heads on to the next round. For example in basketball, these head to head battles would go on for three nights with you having to pick a new team each night of competition. This is assuming you keep moving on to the next rounds that is.

Target – These unique contests consist of DraftDay setting a ‘target’ threshold which if you hit by scoring a certain number of points, you win a cash prize. This has to be split with another competitor who also reached the target.

DraftDay currently offers contests in CFB, PGA, MLB, NHL, NFA and NBA.

Picking your team

Especially designed for recreational players who just play for fun, DraftDay is extremely user friendly and getting around is easy. All of the information you need is available at your fingertips and the interface works seamlessly. Entering players to your roster is also very simple and fast.

DraftDay is a great choice for a medium sized site. Newbies and pros alike choose it because of its amazing user interface, incredible ongoing promotional offers and its reputed group of owners. If you’re searching for an interesting site to play in that offers you the games you want to play in but is not as large as the biggest websites out there then sign up at DraftDay today and get the chance to win some real money.