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fantasy-sport-draftster-logoFantasy football and baseball players have recently found a new place to enjoy their fantasy teams. While the site is one of the newer sites, it’s well put together and makes it easy for almost anyone to play. Three different sports are now offered, with more being created. You can select from professional football, college football, and baseball now, though hockey and soccer are in the works. Once you’re set up with an account there are a variety of ways to play and various amounts of money you can win.

How to Get Started on Draftster

It’s easy to get started. You’ll need to create an account by creating a username and password, and be sure to claim your Draftster signup bonus and use the latest promo code. The site asks for a little bit of personal information that is required before you continue. You’ll also need to supply an e-mail address. Once this is done, you will need to verify your email address. You’ll then have an account and be ready to get started. Make sure you keep your account information secure so no one else can use your account or the money you use to play.


If You’re New to Fantasy Sports

If you’re new, it’s recommended that you stick with one sport. You can choose from the three mentioned above. Take a look around the site and check out the help section for more information. You’ll find that it’s easy to get started and you can be playing in just a few minutes even if you have never played fantasy sports in the past. Everything you need to know is explained on the site so you can understand what you’re doing.

Making Bets on Draftster

You’ll need to add money to your account first, which is easily done. You can use a variety of options to pay including your credit card and PayPal. Once you’ve added money, you’ll want to choose a league. You then can choose from guaranteed, 50/50, Winner Takes all and Top 3 games. The buy-ins start at free and go up to over $100, so you can choose a game that’s going to meet your budget and preference. Once you select your game you’ll be able to choose your players. You will have a $50,000 salary cap, so it’s important that you choose your players wisely. Make sure you understand the Draftster scoring system so you can understand how the game works and how winners are chosen.


There’s also deposit bonuses, freerolls and more. These daily prizes are often very generous and the more often you play the higher a chance you have of winning. They”re also planning to create new bonuses and awards, so you’re going to want to check back often to see what is new.

Where Can You Check In

There’s a variety of ways you can check in, make bets, and see how you’re doing. Although the computer is the most often chosen way to play, you can also download the draftster app. This allows you to play on the go so you can enjoy the game no matter where you are. If you need to check in while you’re on your lunch break or your kids are playing on the computer, just check in on your smartphone or tablet.

How to Get Your Money

Withdrawing your money is simple. There’s an easy to use button that allows you to request the money in your account. You must have at least $10 in your account, but there is no maximum number for a withdrawal. The original amount you paid to enter the contest is deposited back to the way you originally paid and the remainder can be paid by check or PayPal so you can get your money easily. It may take up to 48 hours for you to receive your funds since they do have a fraud check that is done before any funds are given.

How to Make More Money

There’s more ways to make money than just by winning. You can also join the draftster affilaite program. This program allows you to make money for each referral you make. When you recommend the site to a person and they sign up and make their first bet, you’ll receive a bonus. You’ll be able to make more bets and play even more when you help other people sign up.

Where is This Not Allowed

Because the game is online, there are many states that do allow you to play. Unfortunately, not all states allow gambling. You cannot make a bet if you reside in Arizona, Iowa, Louisiana, Montana, Vermont, Puerto Rico, or Quebec. They also exclude players from Arkansas, which is not typical of fantasy football leagues, so this is something to take into account if you live in one of these states.

This draftster review should give you a better idea of how this site works. Whether you’re new to fantasy sports or you have been playing for years, you’re going to want to check out a new platform you can enjoy. It’s easy to sign up and begin betting, so go ahead and sign up today. You’ll have your fantasy sports team created in no time and you’re going to enjoy being able to check in no matter where you are. Go ahead and sign up for your free account to learn more and find out how you can start making bets. With so many ways to play, you’ll be able to make as many or as few bets as you would like.


Draftster Comes Up Big
  • Amount of daily games


If you are looking for a main place to play your daily sports, then Draftster will fill all your needs. I normally like to bounce between a few sites but lately have been starting the day with Draftster.