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FanDuel is the biggest daily fantasy sports website in America. Acclaimed by the NY Times, ESPN and the Wall Street Journal, Fan Duel has become the number one place to go for weekly and daily fantasy sport games.

Here is some fun trivia about FanDuel:

  • Name of Official Website:
  • Use promo code REVIEWSTER to obtain a 100% bonus on deposits up to $200
  • Its head office is in New York
  • S and Canadian players can take part, barring a few states in the U.S
  • Contact No: 1-800-475-2250

This beginner’s guide to FanDuel will equip you with all the information you need to know regarding registering yourself with an account, claiming your bonuses and participating in daily fantasy contests with a chance to win real money. This guide does not consist of tips and tricks to help you win. It is just a comprehensive tutorial, describing the way FanDuel works so that you can start playing with relative ease.

Step 1: Joining FanDuel

The first thing you need to do is sign up. Making your account on FanDuel is quick, simple and free. Go on the home page and click on the button titled ‘Join Now.’ Upon clicking this bright orange button, you will see a big box asking you to fill in your details such as your name, username and password. Before clicking on the ‘Play Now’ button right under the ‘password’ field you should click on the words ‘got a promo code or referral username.’ This will reveal to you a hidden field where you can type in the promo code ‘freak’ to avail your bonus. Once you have done this, you can click on the play now button.

Step 2: All about the bonus

You should now be on a new page where you get to pick your bonus. Although the timer there indicates that you only have ten minutes to make your selection you can still choose your bonus amount once it expires. Underneath the timer you will see a whole row of deposit amounts along with their bonus amounts. You can even type in a unique amount if the figure you want to deposit is not listed.

Here is where you will deposit your money. You can either use a credit card or make the payment via Paypal. Once the funds are deposited into your brand new account, you will be directed to the main page called the Lobby. Here is where you choose the contest you want to enter.

Step 3: How to navigate through the lobby

Every possible piece of information you need can be found on the rows of tabs in the lobby page. Here is what you can find upon clicking each of these tabs:

  • Home-this displays a comprehensive list of upcoming competitions together with filtering options
  • How it works-a short summary in the form of a video regarding how FanDuel works
  • Rules and Scoring: This explains how points are earned for different actions in various sports.
  • Promos: A list of all available promotions to take advantage of
  • Leaderboard: A board displaying the rankings of FanDuel members according to the number of wins each user has to his/her name. Rankings for each sport can be viewed.
  • Support: A variety of support options including FAQs, a contact number, live chat and an email address can be found here.
  • My Contests: A list of all the contests you are participating/have participated/are going to participate in.
  • My Account:  Here you can find all the details of your account. You can even use this area to make cash transactions.

How To Sort Through Daily Fantasy Sports Contests

On the left side of the lobby page, you will see a whole list of sports classified under ‘All Sports.’ This allows you to pick the sport that interests you to see contests related to it. Here you will also find buttons that enable you to filter through the list of contests based on the type of contest e.g ‘head to heads’ and ’50-50s’. Below these buttons you will see a slider that you can use to sort contests according to the amount of entre fee required to join.

You can even click on the ‘advanced’ tab to see more ways you can filter the contests. These include start time and salary cap, information about which can help you choose a contest that best suits you.

Details about each contest

On the right side of each contest title in the list of contests, you will see details pertaining to that particular contest.

Going from left to right, you will be able to see some columns, most of which are self-explanatory. These include columns that display salary caps, entry fees, number of people allowed to join, the amount of prize pool and the start time.

If you find a contest you want to join, just click on the ‘Enter’ button located at the end of the row of columns.

You have now learned the basic drill of how FanDuel operates. The truck load of information piled on you might seem overwhelming but rest assured that with a little experience you will be sifting through the contest list like a pro. As for now, go and register yourself on the largets fantasy sports website out there.

Good luck!