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Fantasy Aces has a lot going for it. An argument could be made that they offer the slickest and most professional looking of all the active fantasy league games going right now. It could contend against the industry juggernauts.

Fantasy Aces is, for the most part, a rather rudimentary platform. All the major games are here and ready to go. The league has the standard cap games, and a roster structure that is straightforward. All the major design options are here. Players familiar with fantasy league will feel right at home on a platform that is cleanly designed and purpose-driven.

Salary Pro Leagues

In this fantasy aces review, the salary leagues lead the pack in innovation. They flip the traditional set salary cap on its head. A normal fantasy league structure gives a play allotment and a price allotment. In other words, a player may have 10-man line-up with $75,000, and players have to fit in that framework.

The pro league expands everything with one subtle adjustment. Players can go over or under the salary cap if they choose. There is a penalty for going over, but the player can make up for it if they perform above and beyond. Players can also go under the salary cap. Each victory has a handicap attached, and a bonus will be applied. The bonus is a .1 fantasy point for every $5 under salary. The penalty is steeper. Players lose .2 points with every $50 over the cap. Both of these get applied with victories and losses where appropriate. For example, the bonus is applied only in victories when a player wins with an under-salary roster. The penalty is applied to a loss combined with an over-salary.

The dynamic has opened up a slew of new game styles and approaches. Strategies include building an extremely cheap team in an effort to bankroll substantial bonuses or going for the most expensive players and steamrolling the mediocre competition. Players can offset these costs by staying within the recommended cap. But, the dynamic has brought out new methods It is the leading game right now at Fantasy Aces because of its innovation and groundbreaking introduction of new game mechanics.

Promo Codes and Savings

Many players choose one league over another based almost solely on the price of entry. Without a bonus, the option loses a lot of its appeal. The fantasy aces promo code is a wonderful one. There are a few out there now, but the best is easily the double up 100% bonus. Players can buy-in for a new account and upwards of $500, and expect to see that amount matched by the league. It is a huge jumpstart for a hearty player looking at the long term.

Technology and Responsiveness

There is a lot of buzz around responsiveness in many industries and companies that rely on tech. Fantasy Aces is built with a responsive platform. This means that players can see a customized design that is suited for the platform they are visiting from. For example, a player from a mobile phone will see a page that caters to the mobile phone. The website is fitted to run on tablets, phones, and from a computer. Also, different tablet companies have different aspect ratios and dimensions. Fantasy Aces responds to all that. No player will feel like they are playing on an ill-matched platform. It also allows players to pick up play from another device without losing any of the flow or pacing. The system’s responsiveness keeps it all in check.

The above review of fantasy aces looked at the introduction of pro salary leagues and responsive design, among other things. The league is a refreshing change of pace. It takes the core formula and adds to it in the most exciting of ways.