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When the Internet took off, it was not long before fantasy sports leagues began appearing online. The early games were conventional compared to today’s standards, but they paved the way for new leagues and new ideas. Justin and Zachary Stanley have been there since the early days. They saw office pools turn online, and they saw fantasy leagues go global. But, the brothers never lost sight of what really mattered for the long haul. Quality gaming and fair competition drives the brothers own fantasy platform, Star Fantasy Leagues.

The Design

Any solid review of star fantasy leagues will take a look at the design and interface. It is the first thing people see when they jump onboard, and the best promo code in the world will not attract them to a design that is shoddy. The interface is impressively simple. The designers were smart to mimic a lot of design options seen in major software platforms. The league is primarily based around filters. Players do not often see everything the platform has to offer from the home menu. It is buried a little bit, which is great for new players. It encourages exploration and figuring out what the system has to offer is its own type of reward. Now, it can be a little overwhelming. This is something that is a byproduct of filter design.

Players see the game size, buy-in amount, league duration, draft type and the actual sport. These can all be customized through a filter. The size is extensive, so the filter mechanics make sense. Players can also import and export their line-up to separate games, so there is no need to rebuild the entire team and team stats all over again.

The Games

The games are rather standard. There are guaranteed prize pools available. The tournaments cam be finished up in a day with a small pool of players. Most tournaments last longer, and daily prizes are awarded during the tournament. The most popular games right now are 3-man, 10-man, and the classic head-to-head match-up.

The daily freerolls have seemed to go the way of the dinosaur in fantasy leagues. Developers and Administrators do not seem to be pushing this option, a surprising thing of note in this star fantasy leagues review. The exception to the rule is Star Fantasy Leagues. They have daily wins that are substantial, which keeps players on their toes every day.

Customer Support

Customer support is notorious in fantasy leagues. Some companies just want to cash-in on a major industry, and their customer service is lacking. Star Fantasy Leagues has a comprehensive support platform. It does not rival web companies in general, but it is certainly far better than anything one would find in 99% of fantasy leagues. They have an email contact. Testing it seems to provide a pretty good response (within 24 hours). The chat box is the real winner. Star Fantasy Leagues seems to have multiple staff members on duty at all times. The chat box is right there in the main account hub. Questions are responded to within minutes, and new players can instantly feel comfortable. The customer service support is available for all major sports, including football, basketball, hockey, and baseball. The rules vary depending on the sport, so please be sure the support knows the sport being talked about in the chat box, especially when it comes to game specifics.

Promo Codes

Some fantasy leagues offer great promo codes. Star Fantasy Leagues is modest with their promotional material. A Star Fantasy League promo code is up right now that gives a 100% deposit bonus up to $1000 for new players. It is a nice touch, but it isn’t the groundbreaker new fans may be hoping for. With that said, the league makes up for it in every other aspect. It is hard to fault a company for not necessarily giving a lot of free money when their platform is already so exceptional.

Star Fantasy Leagues bleeds passion in every part of its platform. The drive for success, sincerity, and informative play make this particular league the highlight of the industry. Are some leagues more popular? Yes. Do other leagues roll higher? Probably. But, one would be hard-pressed to find a fantasy sports league with more creative passion, sentimentality, and careful design than Star Fantasy Leagues.