Unless you have been under a rock, you have heard of daily fantasy football. Most of the rules for season-long fantasy football do not apply here. This game is for fans who really love the game and want to win some money. The number of online sites for fantasy play grows larger each year. It is time to get excited because daily fantasy sport sites gets rid of a lot of things we dislike about fantasy. Players get to select a new team every week. In traditional fantasy when your team bombs, you have to wait until next season. Further, daily fantasy offers a new prize pot each week. No one has to wait until the end of the season to collect. However, there are some tricks to the trade that will make daily fantasy football more enjoyable.

No Stacking

What is stacking? Stacking is what a fantasy player does when they think a pro team is really good. They draft as many of these players as possible for the fantasy team. Stacking works in team sports but not in individual sports. Indeed, football is an individual sport. Fantasy players get points when players make a touchdown or make a first down. The worst mistake new players make is using QB’s and RB’s from the same team. Avoid this temptation because if the QB is making all the points, the RB will not be making them.

Daily fantasy has guaranteed prize pool leagues. GPP’s are big field tournaments. Players win the same regardless of how many people join the league. For example, if the prize is $500, the pot still pays out even if the league does not fill up. In order to win GPP’s, players need to have winners at virtually every position. This is difficult to do when everyone plays for the same team. It is inevitable that some players have a good day and others are rather mediocre. Tips like this show why a beginner needs a rookie guide to daily fantasy football.


The Defense is a critical part of a fantasy team. Players need a crushing defense that shuts the other team down. However, fantasy players are relying on points from the offense, as well. So, do not take offensive players that are playing against your defense. If the defense is doing well, they are keeping the offensive players from playing. This may not matter as much in regular fantasy but it does in daily fantasy. It is also easier to control in daily fantasy. Players are not stuck with the same defense all season long.

No Gambling On Players

Another big difference between daily and regular fantasy is what happens when a player gets hurt. Season fantasy players have to take a chance because there is no choice. In daily fantasy, players pick new teams all the time. The coach may put in an injured player for a while but they won’t be playing up to their full capacity. It is enticing to take a player that not a lot of people have. Further, it’s a gamble to put the back-up in, if you are not sure who is going to play. The best thing to do is find another player.

Do your homework and know where the injuries are. You will have an advantage over players who do not know when the back-up players are starting. Playing it smart l adds to your winnings. Also, do not be fooled by players who have an incredible week. That does not mean next week will be the same. Some players even choose quarterbacks because they were extraordinary the season before. Things change from season to season and week to week. Study the stats and you will be able to figure out who is due to have a big game. Listen to what the pundits are saying. It is a great way to be a student of the game. DraftKings offers great advice in their games.

Fish and Sharks

In daily fantasy, newbies are called fish and seasoned players are sharks. Guess what sharks eat? They feed on new players and you do not want to be lunch. Daily fantasy is played in two basic ways. Head to Head games (H2H) games and GPP’s. Fish need to avoid the better H2H players. They accept multiple H2H challenges from fish. However, newbies should accept H2H challenges because it a good way to learn the game.

Do Not Pay To Learn

Being good at season long fantasy football does not equal success with the daily version. That’s why players need a rookie guide to daily fantasy football. Play a few free H2Hs while you learn the game. Do this for a couple of weeks and it will be profitable for you in the end. Use the two weeks to try different techniques to win. Learn the rosters that earn the best scores. Face it, you will have to take a few drubbings before learning the game. Daily fantasy players have good days and bad days. Start out slow and do no lose all your money. Players who do not want to take a big risk should stick with H2H’s and 50/50’s. In both of these types of games, half the players get paid and the other half does not.

Learn to play and have fun gambling at the same time. If you have $200.00 to play, don’t put the whole $200.00 in one game. Get the most bang for the bucks. Rather than play one game, play 20, $10.00 games. You will gain experience and have more fun extending your playing time.