Playing daily fantasy golf is a great way to make some extra coin this summer. If you have never heard of daily fantasy golf then read our intro guide here. We have done extensive reviews on all the major players that offer fantasy golf leagues. These are the sites we recommend sticking with.

Fantasy Golf: Scoring methods and rules compared

One of the simplest and most fun types of fantasy sports to play is fantasy golf. The concept on which it is based is very easy. You can either select six golfers within a salary cap or through a ‘pick em’ tournament and watch them earn you points throughout the week’s PGA tourney. Daily fantasy golf can be played on DraftKings, DraftDay and Victiv. The best site is DraftKings because there are many contests to choose from and huge prizes to be won.

Strategic options to consider for winning fantasy golf at different websites

It is important to have a well thought out strategy in order to win. These few tips designed for all sites should help you.

  • You want to choose those players that make the cut. This is very crucial because points are earned on a hole by hole basis, which means the more holes your golfers play, the higher they score.
  • The above strategy is more important for Victiv where you ONLY get points on a hole by hole basis. Whether your players finish first or last is of irrelevance here so it is vital that they make the cut.
  • At DraftKings and DraftDay, however, you do get points for the position you finish at.
  • DraftKings has the biggest tournaments hands down so it should be your number one choice.

Visit one of these websites to get your share of the daily fantasy golf fun. Lineups will lock down on Thursday for that particular week’s game.

Fantasy Golf Trivia

  • Salary cap leagues are offered on all websites whilst DraftDay also offers ‘pick em’ leagues
  • It is extremely exhilarating to watch the leader boards update in real time on DraftKings as you pray for your players to perform well
  • The leagues run for four days from Thursday to Sunday.
  • The main rule to remember is that you have to pick six golfers who will make the cut to that week’s tournament.
  • $2 league on DraftKings has between $4000-$10000 GTD every week.


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Scoring Compared at Golf Sites

DraftKings Victiv DraftDay
DraftKings Victiv DraftDay
Roster Size 6 Draft 7
Play Top 5
Points for Double Eagle 20 15 30
Points for Eagle 8 9 12
Points for Birdie 3 5 4
Points for Par 0.5 2 0.5
Points for Bogey -0.5 -1 0
Points for Double Bogey -1 -4 0
Points for Worse than Double -1 -4 0
Points for Streak of 3 Birdies 3 0 0
Points for Bogey Free Round 3 0 6
Points for All rounds under 70 3 0 25
Points for Hole in One 10 0 20
Points for Low Round of Day 0 0 0
1st 30 0 30
2nd 20 0 25
3rd 18 0 15
4th 16 0 15
5th 14 0 14
6th 12 0 13
7th 10 0 12
8th 9 0 11
9th 8 0 10
10th 7 0 8
11-15th 6 0 8
16-20th 5 0 6
21-25th 4 0 6
26-30th 3 0 6
31-40 2 0 4
41-50th 1 0 2

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