15 Tips Jedi’s Use To Win Playing Daily Fantasy Sport Games

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Jedi Fantasy SportsDidn’t know that Jedi’s play Fantasy Sports Games? Indeed they do and I have talked to a few that have given out some pointers on how to win big at daily fantasy sports.

I am assuming that you do play and are fully familiarized with thousands of daily fantasy sports contest displayed at Fan Duel, Draft Kings and Draft Street. . You’ve gone through this site, checked out my daily fantasy sports tutorials, read up on salary caps, and even picked out a few sites to register an account. You’re ready for a great time.

But due to some reason or misunderstanding you have quit playing. By the way, you do realize that folks out there are having fun and winning and yet you keep yourselves deprived of a mesmerizing opportunity and experience.

So Man up people, I am going to bombard you with reasons to enroll and play daily fantasy sports contest including football, basketball and hockey. So buck up people and start playing. It’s game on!!!

  1. Goodbye Full Season Commitment!

Do you have a busy schedule and loads of tasks to keep you preoccupied?

“I’m busy, I don’t have the time, and I can’t play all season.” Yeah. We’ve heard it before. I can actually understand that. Really, playing full season is hectic and requires investment and money. Not to mention early season losses shatters all your chances of winning. But pull up your muscles people! With daily sports contest, you get to check in and out with in 24 day! How cool is that?

  1. Everyday can be a draft day with fresh teams!

If you play daily fantasy football, basketball or any other one-day fantasy sports contest, you can make your everyday a draft day. You get to choose make a new team ever day!

I love draft day. I still play in season-long fantasy leagues on occasion, and draft day is always         my favorite part (besides crushing the competition, of course). The problem is it only happens once. Sure, I can trade players to bolster my lineup, but that’s not the same thing.


Although season long fantasy games are still fun but nothing compares a draft day despite its happening only once. People! You have to got to love draft days!

  1. Late season desperation over!

Recall the last time your fantasy sports team did a rather pathetic start. In a few weeks’ time you are demoralized about your chances of winning unless your team pulls up mid-season.

Dudes, sweat much? You no longer have to go through that. Sites like FanDuel.com relieve you from all that stress. The late season desperations are over as you are not bound play full season play. Daily Fantasy Sports Contest ends that very day. So chill out, people!

  1. No legal obstacles to cross!

Excluding few states like Arizona and Montana, most of the U.S has these fantasy sports contest completely legal. Online poker players may know the frustration involved in playing a game frowned upon by law. The presently the state gives full permission to bet on fantasy sports contest. So dudes, it is a fact not to be taken for granted!

  1. Recover your losses soon!

Losing a season long fantasy game only take you deeper into the pit and your chances of getting out are very low. You need to wait up until the next season to begin a new game and hope to win.

But people! Now you can recover your losses soon if you play daily fantasy sports context. If you lose today, you pull up the next day. Well, actually you can begin another game that very same day; giving you wider berth to win. So man up people, just play!

  1. Draft the players of your choice

Conventional snake draft structures limits your choice of drafting players. As everyone take turns drafting players; it means that you may not get the players you have your eye on to draft. And that’s too bad if your winning strategy depends on that player. Yes man, it totally sucks.

But contemporary daily leagues mostly follow a salary cap structure. If you have your pocket full of cash you can actually “buy” any player you want. It’s all on your pocket people!

  1. Don’t be wounded by your wounded players anymore

Recall QB Jay Cutler hurting himself real bad? And Jermichael Finley cramped his back? And not to mention RB Doug Martin, who cracked up his shoulder? If your players in long season injure themselves you have no choice but to sulk and wait for their recover biting you nails with a crossed finger. You are bounded to them for the rest the freaking season probably moping around on your luck.

But dudes, you no longer have to play nuns waiting for the recovery of your player for whole long seasons. Say you are playing daily fantasy NFL contest and one of you players really messes up with himself, you can draft a whole new team the very next day or even that very day! You don’t need to sulk over your defeat for a long time as every game ends that very day!

  1. Full-time availability of fantasy sports

You will find that the big trio daily fantasy sports sites thousands of contests every day. People! Do you get the underlying meaning? The contests never end. There is always many out there for you to play anytime you want as one ends, a separate new begins. Cool, isn’t it?

  1. Guaranteed prize blasts to lunge for!

If I were to be honest, the season long games have big prizes offered but the prizes depends on the entry fee and the number of entrants. Sucks much?

Well, on DraftKings.com, DraftStreet.com and FanDuel.com offers prizes irrespective of the number of people enrolling in the contest. And people, the prizes are often enormous! Not to mention the entry fee to be as low as $25.

  1. Just 10 minutes, dudes!

Time! Yeah time does matters. A season-long league requires you invest loads of times and to maintain the entry it may take up your entire day. And that is not possible to cope for especially for those people who are married, have kids or have work to cater to. But you need not to worry anymore.

With daily fantasy football, basketball and baseball you are through with it all in just 10 minutes. If you know the players you want and can afford to draft them you can upload your entry over a shower and brush or a tea and toast. It is just so much easier. See dudes? No pressure.

  1. No more players hunting!

With daily fantasy sports context you don’t have to go for a scavenger hunt for players. There is no need for drooling after your friends, siblings or family members to convince them to form a fantasy league with you. You just click on the DraftKings.com, FanDuel.com or DraftStreet.com and find thousands of players who are eager to play with you. As many people play almost every single day when you register, you become a part of huge community who want to play all the time.

  1. Built-in money system

Have you experienced being ignored by folks who owe you money after you won your season-long league? You were most likely under the illusion that you will get your money that very day. And then you get snubbed by the reality when all of a sudden some folks totally ignore you and do not respond to your phone calls or e-mails? Hurt much?

Well, now don’t have to go through that again. If you win a local fantasy sports league you get paid instantly! You do not have to play the role of money collector as the entire system of money distribution is automated in daily fantasy sports context. So people, man up! What are you waiting for? Give your daily fantasy sports a try or two and start piling your shinning coins. Awesome! Isn’t it?

  1. Really affordable entry fees for everybody

The YodasIf you have played season-long fantasy league, you must know that the entry fees are like really enormous. You need to buck up at least hundreds if not thousands of dollars for serious leagues. Unless playing with masses at Yahoo.com does not bother you; where you can sometimes get in for $20

But welcome to daily fantasy sports leagues where you just have to love these sites as they offer you entry fees as low as $1. So if you are financially in a tough row, do not be bothered as daily fantasy sports sites will just suit you. . For example, at the time of writing, I’m looking at a $120K NBA Super Slam at Fan Duel. The number of participants is capped at 5,362. Here’s the key point: FanDuel is going to pay out $120,000 even if only half that number join. Even better, the entry fee is only $25.

Isn’t this really blasting news?


  1. Play for free as a trial

With so many benefits what more can hider you from playing? Maybe you are afraid of risking your money as you are a new player? Or maybe you really are not sure and think it is worth putting in money. Well, wait dudes. There is news for you. You can play for free as well just make yourself familiarized with the game. This will give you a very valuable with no-risk experience and let you have a chance to see how the site actually works.

You can get these free enroll offers from all the top sites like FanDuel, DraftKings, and DraftStreet and play without having to pay an entry fee. Yeah, you won’t get to win any cash prizes for participating in free rolls but you have to agree that it is a good offer. Still though, some free rolls give you a chance to win admission into contests that do charge an entry fee and pay out a cash prize. Won’t you give it a try at least? I won’t miss it for anything, if I were you.

  1. Do not miss the free bonuses!

Ok dudes! Last but not the least, you get free bonus packages. Yeah, do not freak out. The top daily fantasy sports sites offer you the unbelievable. For example, when you register and make a deposit at FanDuel, you’ll get up to a 75% match bonus (maximum $200 value).And at DraftKings, DraftStreet, and DraftDay, you’ll receive a 100% match bonus!


Yeah of course, there are certain conditions underlying these bonuses but you have to appreciate the fact that bonuses will be offered which is a huge benefit over playing in your local league. Once a member of the site, you can also participate in ongoing promos as well! Do not take it for granted. Click on to your local daily fantasy sports contest now and start a wonderful and most enchanting and benefiting experience.

I am sure that now you are definitely convinced that it is worth playing daily fantasy sports context. There you have it… 15 powerful reasons to play daily fantasy sports. If you’re still unconvinced, you may have missed something. Otherwise, head on over to one of the recommended sites and find out what everyone else is getting excited about.




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